When is the best time to sell in Brainerd Mn?

In the Beautiful Brainerd Lakes area, selling a house is a big deal.  The 4 seasons play an important role with the timing for the selling and buying process, be it a 2nd home or primary residence. My sales have always been stronger from the months Oct-April. The reason is less competition. My analytics spike in the end of December and the 1st part of the  New Years, it is like everyones resolution is to purchase a new home or lake cabin.

In regard to  buying a lake home in the Brainerd Lakes area, there are 3 major summer events to consider.  The biggest fun factor to owning a lake home  is Memorial weekend, 4th of July and Labor Day. Most people like to maximize their investment and want to be able to take advantage of the full summer season and be “open”  for family & friends as soon as possible.  Statistics show the average 2nd home is used 5 times a year.   If selling is your priority,  I like to tell my clients and prospects to be ready to list in mid January or the first part of February.  The #1 reason in a mediocre market is less competition; its supply and demand. Most sellers in Brainerd, MN want to have the dock in the lake or the yard prepped to show the landscaping and green grass.  In Brainerd, Mn this could be as late as mid June sometimes!  The result is  all of these sellers listing at the same time, saturating the market and Missing the opportunity to maximize the sales price.

What’s your home worth?


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